Meat Department

Welcome to the greatest little Meat Shop in the Shuswap!

250-675-2046 - Ask for our Meat Department!

Meat Department 

Providing the highest quality and best priced Meat in Blind Bay!

Our meat department is well known for its excellent quality and ability to provide our customers anything they need.

Our shelves are always stocked, and you are encouraged to ring the bell for any questions or service you need!

Can't find what you are looking for on the shelf? Just ring the bell and our Butchers will be happy to make you fresh cuts! 

Special Occasion? Looking for that perfect roast or turkey, we can definitely provide you with exactly what you need.

 We are proud of the fact that we make our own gluten/preservative free sausage, as well as our own chicken cordons, stuffed pork tenderloins, kabobs and many other meal ideas.   


If you have any suggestions or requests, please just ring the bell which you can find on each side of the meat department to speak to one of our onsite butchers. Or visit our Facebook page and leave us a message! 



 Department At A Glance

  • In Store Made Fresh Sausage (no additives or preservatives and gluten free), Burger patties, Chicken Cordon's, Schnitzels and
  • so many more hand crafted products!
  • Canadian Chicken ( local, BC when available)
  • Local, BC Beef
  • Local, BC Pork
  • Custom Meat cuts
  •  Gourmet meal ideas
  • Fresh Fish & Seafood Seasonal (can be ordered for any dinner occasion)

Local Meat Products

Click the links for information about our suppliers

63 acres, from Meadow Valley Meats  63 acres beef patties, garlic coil, boneless hams, beef jerky. Chilliwack BC

Grimms -  smokies, liver sausage, smokies, pepperoni,  sausage rings. Langley BC

Freybe - european wieners, weisswurst, packaged meats, pepperoni sticks. Langley BC

Albion Fisheries - bacon wrapped scallops, cod, salmon and halibut. Richmond, BC

Stuffer's Supply - Marinades and Seasonings. Langley, BC

K & M Farms/ Farm Fed - Free run, farm fed chickens. Abbotsford BC


New In Store made items

In Store made Sausages

Our sausages are in such a high demand that we decided to venture out into new flavour profiles! We are happy to bring you 6 new handcrafted sausages!

Jalapeno Cheddar, Greek, Spicy Texas, Mushroom and Chicken or Turkey varieties! 

Jalapeno Cheddar is flying off the shelf, it is not too spicy and grills up perfectly on the BBQ!

Try not to break the skin on these and you will end up with a juicy, flavour packed sausage! Yum!





Handcrafted Turkey Burgers 

Turkey Burgers, crafted in store by our butchers, with your good health in mind!


Seasoned, fresh, half Roasting Chickens

Perfect for making a gourmet meal at home! In a variety of flavours! 

Also, look in our Deli department for already cooked, whole and half, chickens!


Back by Popular Demand... Sockeye Salmon Burgers!!

Handcrafted by our butchers, these delicious burgers are a welcome change to Burger night!

You won't be disappointed!


New Prepared or Frozen Products


63 Acres Beef Back Ribs, Raw pickled Corned beef, Maple Wood Smoked Side Bacon, W.F Cooked Ham, Compliments Mushroom cutlets, Compliments Crunchy calamari, Aquastar Snow Crab Legs, Tandoori Back Ribs and Mesquite Back Ribs 






We’re always open to hearing anything that you want to share with us. If you want to suggest something that you’d like to see in the store or just some general feedback we’d love to hear from you.

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